Dead Pornstars

This is an updated list of Pornstars who have died with death details where possible.

May they Rest In Peace


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Dead Pornstars - Details and Information

Taylor Summers
March 2004

Murdered: Found stabbed multiple times in suburban Philadelphia, Conshohocken PA. She was on a photo shoot and missing for weeks before police found her body. UPDATE: The photogrqapher last to see her alive was charged with her murder. Her body was found with the equipment and the tarp from the photo studio wrapped around her.
Linda Lovelace
April 4, 2002
Linda Lovelace Info

Linda Lovelace was taken to Denver Health Medical Center with massive trauma and internal injuries after an April 3 automobile accident. She died on Monday April 4 2002 after being taken off life support.
John Holmes
March 13, 1988
John Holmes Info

Died of Aids. More accurately from cardiac arrest and encephalitis.
Lola Ferrari
March 5, 2000
Lola Ferrari Info

Murdered? Her husband was charged and arrested for suspicion of murder in Lolo's death in March 2002.
The original obituary: GRASSE, France, 2000 March 5 (Reuters/Variety) - French porn star Lolo Ferrari died on Sunday of natural causes in her house on the French Riveria, police said. She was 30.

July 11, 1994
Savannah Info

Suicide: Self-inflicted gun shot wound.
Alex Jordan
July 2, 1995
Suicide: Self-inflicted asphyxiation by hanging.
Holly Landers
January 1, 2003
Holly Landers was killed on New Years Day, 2003 after a collision with a drunk driver just outside San Jose, Costa Rica.
Trinity Loren
October 24, 1998
Overdose: After years of drug problems, Trinity Loren aka Roxanne McPherson died early Saturday morning 10/24/98 of an overdose of pills. (either prescription painkillers or sleeping pills she had been taking for years and possibly combined with an illegal drug like heroin).
Teri Diver
January 2, 2001
Overdose: Her husband Ren Savant said "She had apparently taken too much of her headache medicine."
Kevin James
Died of testicular cancer. A very popular star with the ladies in the early eighties.
Shawna Grant
March 23, 1984
Suicide: Self-inflicted gunshot wound. She is buried in Minnesota under her birth name, Colleen Applegate.
Alex deRenzy
June 8, 2001
Died of a stroke and Diabetic attack. Alex was not a pornstar but was major director in the adult film world.
Bruce Seven
January 15, 2000
Death due to complications from stroke and emphysema. To clarify, the details of his death are unreported, but are believed to be related to emphysema and his recent stroke. Bruce Seven was more of a director and producer than a pornstar and is known for that part of the adult film world.

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